Monday, September 7, 2009

Pia Day!

When my hubby and I were dating, he came up with "Me Day". I didn't know when these days would pop up, but he would pick me up and annouce, it's your day today and I would get to do WHATEVER I wanted for the whole day! I could have lunch where I wanted, do whatever I wanted, I could go anywhere I wanted and he would have to take me, since it was "Me Day".

To this day, we still have those days, but the only difference is that it's the girls' day now. A few weeks ago we had "Zoe Day". We took her to her favorite restaurant, took her for cupcakes and to the Vancouver Aquarium.

This time around it was Pia Day.

At her favorite restaurant (according to Zoe)

Having cupcakes (of course!)

Science world!! My husband and I use to have school field trips here... It's hard to believe that we are bringing our own kids here now!

I have no idea what she sees in there.

Zoe pointing out the frog

It was a successful Pia Day!! Wonder when my day will come around?? hint hint


ricebabies said...

We went there too, lots of fun because its so interactive. Great for Pia, she can get into everything.

I can make that clip on your wish list , if you really want one. =)And you can make the scarf on mine.

Cheryl said...

That is a great idea. ME Day. I need one of those (ok and maybe hubby and daughter too can have one ;))

Pia looks like she had tons of fun!

On an unrelated note and in response to a comment from my latest post... YES!!! I watched Melrose Place. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I couldn't believe so many of the original cast came back! LOL... Man, I feel so old. Did you watch? The new 90210 isnt't as good as the original. I miss the poofy hair and the 90s fashion!