Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Last year, Zoe and I participated in Operation Christmas Child. I wanted a fun, simple and hands on way to teach her that not everyone in this world is as lucky as her. I told her that not every little girl and boy woke up to a room full of Christmas presents. I explained to her that this was our way of making sure that at least one little girl or boy would get something for Christmas.

We went to the store and she selected a few toys, candies and some other goodies. I wrote a letter and she drew a picture for her new friend and she helped me pack up the shoe box.

To my surprise, she asked me a few days ago when we would be packing up our next "christmas shoe box for my faraway friends." My heart melted. I think I'm doing something right.

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful project, please click here. Collection for Christmas 2009 is during the week of November 16-21.

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