Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Feet

Welcome to my first "Friday Feet" post. Some time during the week, I will look down at my feet and take a quick picture. Hopefully they are doing something of interest, hopefully they are wearing cute shoes or socks.

Never the less, the picture will be posted here every Friday.

This week my feet were wearing these lovely sandals (purchased in Vegas with hubby) and they were busy taking down our Hallowe'en decorations from our porch.

What were your feet doing? Join me if you like! Just leave a comment below with a link to your photo and I will post all the pics every Friday.


Picture Imperfect said...

Your feet are so cute! Mine are stuck under my desk right now, wishing they could be out hiking in the snow!

Sandal season is OVER here... thanks for the reminder! :o)

Hope you're having an awesome Monday!

concurrer said...

Hello! Just came across your blog today, love the sandals you're wearing in this pic! Friday Feet is a really cute idea and i'll love to take some pics to join you soon :)

Just curious, are you Filipino? (Lola sounds like Tagalog..) I'm from Malaysia.

Nice to 'meet' you!


concurrer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
concurrer said...

I couldn't manage to take the Friday Five photo last week due to a camera problem :(

But i'll try to do it this week!

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