Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Sewing

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon sewing.

A girlfriend of mine is giving her nieces and nephew a basket full of presents that will have a cooking/baking theme (great idea Vivi!!). She asked me to sew them each an apron. She selected the fabric and I sewed them each an apron in exchange for some fabric that she picked up at my favorite fabric store. I thought it was a very fair exchange.

The first apron, I love and have made for my own little girls. It's a very simple pattern and very easy to sew.

The second and third apron I made from this pattern. But I just added the pockets, I love pockets.

I hope the kids enjoy the presents their auntie sends to them, especially the hand made aprons made just for them.

Ahh, another thing to cross off my Christmas to-do list. Feels good.


Micaela said...

these are darling!!!! what a great auntie.


Picture Imperfect said...

How beautiful! I agree... you're a great auntie. Thanks for the dose of cute! ;o)

Jenn Kirk said...

That robot one is calling to me.