Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 days of Christmas

It's December 1st today and we started our "25 days of Christmas" in our house.

I wanted to make an advent calendar for the girls this year. I think that this Christmas they are old enough to understand the concept.

I searched on line for ideas and inspirations, but all the ones that I came across involved taping or tacking something to the wall (which hubby will not let me do).

So, I came up with this simple idea myself. I bought 50 small envelopes, hole punched a hole through the top, wrote numbers on the tags and tied them all together with a pretty ribbon and hung each one on our tree.

It worked out perfectly because our walls don't get marred and our tree looks even more festive!

Hubby and I put little treats in each one (each girl got her own envelope) and my hubby wrote and drew a picture of the special "something" that was happening on that particular day. Some days are quite simple, other days are more grand.

For Example:

Day 1: today they each got strawberry lip balm of their own (of course! I am a lip balm junkie after all..)
Day 4: sushi date with lolo and lola (grandparents)
Day 8: draw a picture together
Day 10: our annual toy drive
Day 11:baking with mom
Day 13: watch the Nutcracker ballet (courtesy of my sister in law)
Day 15: Zoe's Christmas concert
Day 17: Watch "The Princess and the Frog" with Tata (auntie)
Day 23: ice skating with Ben and Sophia (cousins from out of town)

Other days consist of simple stuff like: enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, story time, buy a new book etc.

The girls were super excited when they woke up this morning and I loved watching their excitement.

I just wanted a simple way to get them excited for Christmas, the birth of our Saviour and to appreciate our time spent together as a family during this holiday season.

More photos here.


Picture Imperfect said...

What a great idea! I love how more of their advent items are events instead of things. Very sweet and festive, and the envelopes look beautiful on the tree!

Cheryl said...

This is a fabulous idea!! Can I blog about this next week? I love it and I can't wait to do it with my daughter when she's old enough

Jenn Kirk said...

Your tree is up! I am so jealous. But I really love your advent calendar idea. Especially the sushi dinner with lolo and lola. :)

heidi said...

fun! sweet fun!

Micaela said...

that must be the MOST adorable thing i have EVER read. precious.

ILikePaperCutting said...

Great idea. You make a home sweet home.

Cheryl said...

Did you see the post??? I finally had time to write about your tree a few weeks ago! :)