Friday, January 8, 2010

pretty please with a cherry on top?

I first met Fallon through my friend Micaela's ornament exchange. I was immediately enamoured by her wonderful shop, especially her house pillows and so was Zoe.

She happened to be looking over my shoulder one day when I was reading Fallon's blog, and immediately asked me to make her a pink and brown "house pillow". She even said "please? pretty please with a cherry on top?". How could I say no?

I started looking on line for other sources of inspiration and came across this lovely shop. Of course mine is not as spectacular as hers.... or as detailed. But my Zoe loves it.

Zoe has already placed another order for a blue house shaped pillow for her cousin Sophia and another pink and brown one for Pia.

I better get sewing!


jOi-C said...

so cute! i like how pink and brown go together...i still owe my Lizzie one haha I really must stop browsing/reading blogs and Etsy when she's around

Micaela said...

don't you just love her creations? i love that you girls met through my ornament exchange :)

love it!

and i love that your sweet little girls appreciate home made stuff.

so cute.