Tuesday, January 5, 2010

why little girls love sleepovers

Zoe and her cousin/bestie Jocelyn (and Pia, although she did not officially "sleep" with them) had their first sleepover.

What do four year old little girls do at a sleepover you ask??

They played in their jammies.

They had tea parties in their jammies.

Played some more in their jammies...

and then played some more.

When we finally told them it was time for lights out, they didn't argue with us. But of course, they stayed up for at least another 45 minutes. Hubby and I could hear them telling each other stories and singing to each other.

When they did finally fall asleep, I couldn't resist sneaking in and getting a quick pic.

What did they do in the morning?

They all had a bubble bath.

And then played some more....

and some more.

That is why little girls love sleepovers.


Picture Imperfect said...

This post is just made of adorable! I LOVE the peace sign picture, it melted my heart!

jOi-C said...

oh to be 4 again! good times...

Micaela said...

you're such a fun mom! :) i miss sleepovers, and i think at even 25 you should be allowed to have them, agreed? :) lol