Monday, February 15, 2010

with glowing hearts

Valentine's Day was spent being a tourist in the city we love with the people that we love.

My sweet mom and dad were kind enough to take the girls off our hands for the day so the hubby and I were able to enjoy some "us time" which included a lovely brunch.

After brunch we then decided to head into the city to take in some of the Olympic sites. Of course, even though my parents offered to take the girls for the day, we missed them and ended up together. Funny how that happens?

Here are some scenes from our day...

(all so happy!! )

(my family minus my youngest sister)

(my mom, sister, zoe and me)

(my mom being a tourist)

(happy little girl)

Even though we didn't spend the day like I had planned (we had a movie and dinner in mind) it turned out to be such a great day.

Just the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day.


Micaela said...

indeed, the perfect way! how beautiful is your family?! I LOOOOOVE that last pic. perfect happiness.


Krista said...

I say this every time you post photos of your family... I LOVE the way you all always look SOOOO happy to be together. It is really touching and heartwarming.

It sounds like you had the perfect day, even though you didn't do what you planned!