Friday, July 2, 2010

abc's and 123

When we enrolled Zoe in preschool, at the tender age of 3, she couldn't recite her ABC's from beginning to end or count past 10.

Now 2 years later, she can recite her ABC's from beginning to end and back again. She can count as high as she wants. She can write her name and has started to read.

She had her graduation ceremony from preschool last week. Yes, a commencement ceremony for preschooler's. It was pretty neat!

Here are the 2010 graduates!

Their feet can't even touch the floor.

As each graduate received their preschool diploma and walked across the stage, the teacher would ask each student what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Zoe said: "A cheerleader and a dentist."

There were quite a few rockstars, cheerleaders and police officers in the bunch. There was even a priest!

No photos please.

Here is the graduating class of 2010!!

Zoe and her Tata (auntie)

Zoe with Lola

Zoe and Dad

Zoe with her Lola and Lola Mama (Great Grandma)

Family photo with the graduate!

Proud mommy

Zoe with her Nangy (god mother)

After the ceremony finished, we asked her "Zoe, you just graduated preschool, now what do you want to do?!"

She replied, "Go to Red Robin and drink a strawberry milkshake!"

Which is exactly what she did.


Claire Kiefer said...

congratulations to your darling girl!

Megan said...

So gorgeous. Congrats!

Marie said...

Congratulations to Zoe!:D

You've got a beautiful family, Jozen! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!:D
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cArLa said...

such a beautiful post! congratulations zoe! we are all proud of you! btw, if you ever need a dental tech to make teeth for you tita carla is here for you, okay?! xoxo

Alely L. said...

awwww....congratulations zoe! super cute post and back to red robins ya'll go! my daughter is cheering this year for her school's varsity team. once the school year and football season gets going i'll post some pics for you to show zoe : )!

jen@odbt said...

So sweet especially of their feet dangling. Congratulations to your girl!

KristiMcMurry said...

Congrats to Zoe! You have such an adorable little family :)

I find it so funny that kids graduate from everything these days...when I was a kid we graduated from Kindergarten and that was it. haha...I guess it helps them with the feeling of accomplishment. Anyway, they always look precious in their grad gear :)

Little Miss Tiara said...

aww! congratulations! what an adorable little girl! Haha, I'm so happy for you and zoe! :D and i love her little silver shoes ;d haha...

and ooooh... strawberry milkshakeee..!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

So cute, congrats!!

Brandi said...

Zoe has the absolute cutest smile. Ever. And I fully believe, even if your feet don't touch the ground, wearing sparkly shoes is definitely the way to go. As is drinking strawberry milkshakes.

Have a wonderful weekend, Jozen!!

Meg said...

aww, she is too darn cute in her little cap and gown! she has the sweetest smile! and that bow headband is darling!

its simple love said...

What proud parents! I wish I would have gone to pre school, I would have been so much more prepared for kindergarden!


Sandy a la Mode said...

congrats to zoe! she is such a cutie and that's soo great that so many family came out to witness her graduation! you guys have a great weekend!!!

and flowers pick themselves said...

this is beyond adorable. what wonderfully sweet photos. :)

have a great weekend!

xo Alison

Malou said...

Congratulations Zoe! :)

Small Burst said...

wow! that's a full blown graduation. How cute are their outfits? You must be so proud of your little angel. She's headed in the right direction. And, OMG, that milkshake looks so good!

S and O said...

Aw she is so cute, congratulation :D


i'm no miss said...

Hey, congrats to your dearest girl, and to the whole family! Such lovely smiles!

projectvee said...

your little girl is so precious :)

Becky said...

cute -- those little blue robes are too much!

Craftiness NOW said...

so completely adorable to see all the little ones, congrats! and love her shoes, she has good taste already :-)