Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
But alas, the reason why it's so beautiful is because
it rains 8 months out of the year
no joke

So then of course the months that don't get rain
everyone wants to get married
Hence, wedding season-- from June to September
therefore becoming my busiest time of the year
being a wedding planner
I pack in an average of 3-4 weddings per month
It makes for a busy but fun summer

I wanted to share with you a few weddings that I helped plan
this summer

So, here is a July wedding that I just did
Annabelle and Thanh were high school sweet hearts... sigh
Their wedding was elegant and fun

Here are a few of my fave shots of the night

They had their wedding reception at the same venue I did!
It brought back fond memories...

gotta love them Jimmy Choo's!

Of course she had to have a fantastic dress to match

The groom showing off his newly acquired bling

The elegant decor

Not only was the cake beautiful, it was absolutely delish!

Just loved their vintage inspired engagement shoot
which they then used for their table numbers!
I love it when couples add their own special touches

Thanks to Annabelle and Thanh for letting me be a
part of your special day!


Bursts of Bubbles said...

It looks absolutely amazing, with Pakistani weddings we have tonnes of colour and sparkle. I'll have to post a report on my blog about it one day :D.

Brandi said...

I can't imagine going to so many weddings in such a short period of time, but if they're all this lovely, it's definitely worth it. How awesome that you got to be part of helping them plan their special day!

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, the table setup and the cake are gorgeous! that first pic is just perfect! i would love to help plan weddings, seems sooo fun!!

Lauren Nicole said...

those shoes and that dress..AMAZING. the wedding looks to have been as well. that cake is pretty darn cool as well, very very elegant. :] and i LOVE the orchids i n s i d e the vase, that is so neat!

interesting to hear just how many weddings you go to, i never go to them, really. maybe it's my age? that a lot of people i know won't be getting hitched until 5-10 years? i don't know! but your wedding posts are always fun to look at, especially such beautiful and elegant ones like this. :]

- L

Marie said...

8 months? Wow! I'm not sure if I can survive that, lol!

These pictures are amazing, I like her dress and the cake is unique.:D
Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

Koru Kate said...

isn't wedding season so fun & crazy?! i love looking at wedding photos- can't get enough! & this was no exception . . . really stunning.

Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

gorgeous job! I love how my cousin keeps popping up in the summer wedding photos. RJ's so funny. ♥ the shoes.

Wild and Precious said...

all of those pictures are amazing. what a beautiful wedding.

LOVE the shoes!

Becky said...

what a pretty wedding. Those centerpieces are stunning, (but high enough up so that it doesn't block conversation which is nice).

and flowers pick themselves said...

i love that photo of the dress in the window. beautiful!

xo Alison

Meg said...

wow, it's so elegant! what a fun and unique dress!

Tintwo said...

I dunno what it is about weddings..but i love looking at wedding pictures even though i don't know who the people

Alely L. said...

what a beautiful wedding that must have been. the pictures look like a shoot from a wedding magazine. great job jozen!

sharonlei said...

Hi friend. ;P

The wedding came out gorgeous.. and the dress and the shoes, breathtaking.. sigh.

Hope you are doing wonderful!!

xx Love & Aloha

Maggie said...


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projectvee said...

this wedding looks absolutely beautiful!

Small Burst said...

what a beautiful wedding. I love everything about it, the venue, the dress, the shoes, the cake. So elegant and stunning!