Wednesday, September 29, 2010

happy birthday

to the most wonderful husband and father

 thank you for making me smile and laugh every day

your girls and i love you more than you know


Brandi said...

I hope you and your girls have a wonderful time helping your husband celebrate his birthday!! Do I sense a cake baking session coming up soon?

Becky said...

happy birthday to your beau!

Sandy a la Mode said...

happy birthday to your hubby!!! :D

Wild and Precious said...

happy bday to your sweet hubby!!


p.s. i have a little surprise giveaway today & don't forget to enter my jewelry giveaway that runs all week. :)

Silver Strands said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband!

I love your blog, it always makes me smile :)

Alely L. said...

love that! happy birthday to your hubby!