Friday, November 19, 2010

a pia-jama party!!!

for my little pia's 3rd birthday we decided to
to have another pia-jama party, just like her 2nd birthday

all out guests showed up in their pj's
the menu consisted entirely of breakfast items
waffles, pancakes, omelets and lots and lots of bacon!
the kiddies brought their blankets and pillows
helped themselves to popcorn, chips and other sweet things
and enjoyed movie time. 

unfortunately, i didn't take as many photos as i hoped to
i was busy running around for most of the party....
but i do hope you enjoy the few that were taken.

the giveaways were "bed time snacks"
homemade cookies (by my baby seester) and hot chocolate
packed up in blue bags 

a home made chocolate cake with blue icing
made by my talented baby seester!

and cupcakes too!!!

these lovely little cups were later used to house  
popcorn, gummies and chocolate 
for the kids' movie time snacks

A huge thank you to my talented baby seester who baked
8 (yes 8!!) dozen cookies for the gift bags
a chocolate cake with blue icing
and 24 chocolate cupcakes with blue icing

the party was a huge success...
how do i know?

by the huge smile on my little pia's face at the end of the night!


FEDERICA said...

So cute!
Greetings from Italy!

jen@odbt said...

What an awesome party. I love all the details - the goody bag stickers are adorable!

Brandi said...

What a fun party! I wish I could have been there too. And those stickers are too cute. You must have had a blast, Jozen! Your Pia is so lucky to have such a talented mom.

Jo Jo said...

What a cute idea!

flora said...

happy birthday to your little pia! I love your idea with the paper cups. I might borrow it for my daughter's first birthday in 2 weeks. Where did you find paper cups in all those colours? (or did you make them?)

Becky said...

What a great party! Love the theme. That cake looks delish -- very much want a piece right now.

Krystal said...

oh my gosh, how adorable!

Meg said...

oh my goodness, what a cuuuuute setup!! that cake and cupcakes are beautiful! and where did you get those colorful monogrammed cups?

Wild and Precious said...

your whole family is WAY too cute!!!

the party looks amazing! you are such a fun momma!

Sandy a la Mode said...

so cute!! i love all the little decorations~!! you did such a great job!!

sharonlei said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Pia girl. :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time.. the decor, cakes, and goodie bags look divine!!!! Jozen, your children are so beautiful!! AND so are you... Miss ya!

xx Love & Aloha

cArLa said...

i love it! wish we were there to celebrate pia's b-day... it looks like we missed quite the party. xoxo

Small Burst said...

This is tooo darn cute. what a fun idea. The goodie bags are great and that cake looks to die for....