Monday, December 20, 2010

25 days of christmas: days 10-19

hi dear friends!
this week has been full of lots of christmas cheer
 here is a little break down of
our 25 days of christmas:
day 10: brought the girls to the store, where
they were able to chose a gift for each other
day 11: we made a trip to our local
christmas bureau and donated more than 20 toys!
day 12: christmas shopping for daddy
day 13: some chocolate goodness
day 14: dvd treat!
day 15: decorate a gingerbread house

day 16: zoe's christmas pageant
she was a dancing ballerina elf!

day 17: some lip balm goodness (yes, more!)
day 18: watched a movie in the theatres
(total must see! i bawled my eyes out.. in a good way!)
day 19: went to our fave cupcake boutique for some cupcake-y goodness!

it was also the last day of school before christmas break for zoe
so we made candy cane grams and home made cookies for her friends

in between our christmas countdown, i have been making a few last minute
christmas gifts and i am still in the midst of wrapping paper and tags!
i still have christmas cards to write...and a christmas dinner to organize
but even though things are hectic
i just love this time of year... it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

today for day 20, we are going to make home made hot chocolate...
it's my first time....i will let you know how it turns out!


Nani said...

This list is awesome! I cannot wait to see how your hot chocolate turns out. YUM~

Brandi said...

It looks like you're having some real Christmas fun over there! That gingerbread house is incredible (I never had patience for those) and Zoe is adorable as a dancing ballerina elf. Jozen, I have to say, it's really wonderful how you make each of the days leading up to Christmas very festive and fill them with cheer.

projectvee said...

wow, looks like you're having an amazing holiday with your girls :) mm makes me reminiscent of childhood, hehe.

Elisse said...

What fun you've been having over the past few days!!!! Zoe looks so cute as a ballerina elf, and I like the candy cane grams you made :)

cArLa said...

i admire your dedication to make their Christmas sooo special! thanks for sharing your ideas and memories too.

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow!! that gingerbread house looks GREAT!!!