Friday, February 18, 2011

pancake heaven

mornings in our little household are always hectic and frantic
we are in a constant race with the clock to get out the door by 8am

two little girls need to be dressed
(relatively healthy) lunches have to be packed
library books must be remembered
show-and-tell items must be remembered
ballet uniforms and slippers need to be packed
field trip notices, hot lunch order forms and or special notices 
need to be read and completed
along with a billion other important things kindergarten-ers need to bring
in turn, the most important meal of the day has become
our fastest meal of the day
consisting mainly of oatmeal or cheerios

but this past saturday i decided to sloooow things down a bit
and made the girls and myself some pancakes
 they were in pancake heaven!

 zoe even said that my pancakes were better than slappy cakes!
i highly doubt that... but it was still nice to hear
since they enjoyed the pancake breakfast so much
i have made a promise to myself (and the girls) that 
every saturday will be pancake saturday

just a little reminder to myself to slooooow it down
we all need to take it easy at least once a week right?

our weekend is jam packed with parties and celebrations once again
(not that i am complaning, since i love parties!)

hope your weekend is swell, friends!

p.s. all photos taken with my iphone hipstamatic app... love it!


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I am not a pancake person, but those pancakes look DELISH and perfectly cooked! Adorable pictures too, and what a lovely thought of having a pancake Saturday with your girls! :)

Liesl :)

sharonlei said...

The girls are just sooo adorable.. and mmm pancakes!! Me loves. The hubby and I enjoy them for dinner time... so good!

xx Love & Aloha

Eleni said...

Jealous! I might surprise my boyfriend with a pancake Saturday this weekend :)

PS: Pia's hair looks SO cute!

ALELY said...

yes, slow it down and make saturday's pancake saturdays! setting new traditions are always fun and something to remember. we have cinnamon roll sundays over here...however, they are the store bought pillsbury cinnamon rolls that you stick in the oven not from scratch :)

happy friday friend!


Little Miss Tiara said...

ahhh... now i want me some pancakes... they look delish! and the girls look like they really did enjoy the pancakes ;D good for you and the girls!

yeah yeah, slow down a little... breathe in, breathe out! :D

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

after reading this post, i told my fiance i want to go to IHOP - i love pancakes.

these pictures are too cute!!!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Oatmeal and cheerios are my two go-to breakfast meals too! But pancakes? Oh, those sound so good! I think I'll be buying some buttermilk at the store today... It's so nice to slow things down sometimes, isn't it? Enjoy your weekend, dear friend!

stephanie said...

pancakes are always a big hit! your sweeties look just lovely eating them! way to cute!

cArLa said...

those pancakes look so yummy! i agree slowing it down once in a while is a great idea. i can't wait to get to that point after our second one is born... will be needing your advice in the future for sure! xoxo

Becky said...

they do look so happy -- it would be hard to not want to make pancakes just for those little grins alone!

I know what you mean, I feel so rushed all the time and our girls are barely 2 and 5, I know it's only going to get more busy as they get older too!

Good reminder!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwwwwwww they are soo adorable!! and those pancakes look delish! :)

Tamara Nicole said...

They are stinkin adorable! :-)

AND your banner is amazing, love

Francesca said...

mm they look so fat and yummy!! i love pancakes :D! xx

Emma jane said...

Yummy! Pancakes.
I love your blog so beautifully done!! Your girls are simply stunning I love weddings too! How exciting.

Love Emma,