Friday, March 25, 2011

road trip!


so the hubs and i have decided to take our little family
on an impromptu road trip...
next week!!!

we plan on driving from our home down to los angeles
which will take approximately 22 hours
(yes, i know, we have lost our minds)

we will stop in san francisco over night
so that the hubs can rejuvenate (since he will be doing most of the driving!)

but we will be spending most of our time in the los angeles area
we plan on taking the girls to disneyland (the main reason for this trip)

but i am looking for tips
on where to eat
what to do
where to shop

in san francisco or in the los angeles area
or any pit stops along the I-5

Thanks so much dear friends!


Alely said...

so many great places in san francisco. where will you be staying? email me.

and as far as L.A....when we head back to CA this summer we plan on driving down there too and hitting a food truck or two which is on my list bucket list!

i'm so excited for you and the family! you will have a blast and the girls will have such a magical time at disney! one of our favorite places to go to when my kids were littles and even now in their teens.

can't wait to see pics!


Becky said...

We go back and forth between where we live (So Cal) and S.F. multiple times a year, but we take the 101, not the 5. It's prettier, but a longer drive.

If you take the 101, take a break in Pismo Beach, there is a great playground right off the freeway (you can see it from the fwy).

SO much to do in SF - not sure how long you're staying there, but the Children's Discovery Museum in Sausalito is fantastic especially for the little ones. The seals on the wharf are always a big hit, and taking the BART train anywhere is a must.

Becky said...

also, if you find yourself near Ventura/Santa Barbara, email me -- it's supposed to warm and gorgeous this week, and we're planning on hitting up the beach!

Tang said...

We flew to L.A. and drove up to San Francisco along the coast last year! :)

Jzabela said...

way to go Jozen! We were going to do a road trip in June but found it more economical to fly (and less time consuming) to Orange county..totally want to do the road trip but when we have more time and when my girls are a bit older.

when researching i came across this site: i'm sure you'll find some great ideas there!

so excited for you :)