Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a blessed easter

we weren't sure if we would be able to celebrate easter
with our usual fanfare
since the girls were so sick the whole week
but we made them sleep/rest all day saturday
gave them some advil easter morning
made our way to church and hoped for the best

pia fell asleep in church because she was still under the weather
but i think the "bunny" nap was all that she needed
because she was all set for our egg hunt once we got home!

as you can see, it wasn't really a "hunt" 
more like an egg "pick up"

i use to dress zoe and pia alike all the time
(yes, i am one of those moms, please don't judge me)
until about a year ago when zoe 
patiently told me she didn't want to wear the same
thing as her sister all the time
i admitted defeat to my 4 year old and from then on dressed them differently

but sometimes, i still do make exceptions
like for these dresses my mom bought the girls

besides the treats in the eggs, i also like to get 
the girls easter gifts

this year we got them books: mouk and eloise

and since my parents were out of town
i wanted to get a nice picture of the girls in their easter dresses
to show them

but by that time, the advil had worn off and pia was not a happy camper
this was the best shot i could get

so i settled for a picture of their cute pink shoes instead

sometimes being a mom, you just gotta make do


Eleni said...

Oh, what a pair of sweethearts! I hope they are fully recovered soon x x

PS: My mum used to dress my sister and I the same and we hated it! There are plenty of grouchy faces in photos to prove it :) I can't blame you though, you only get to dress them up for so long before they start protesting!

cArLa said...

what a beautiful way to celebrate easter! i'll be using your parenting tips when our newest arrives. love your photos!

KristiMcMurry said...

The girls look adorable in their Easter outfits! I think it's perfectly appropriate to dress them alike on Easter :) Looks like you guys had a nice day!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Oh those two are too cute in their Easter dresses! And what little one (or bigger one like me) doesn't love an Easter egg hunt. So thrilled to hear you had a joyous day together!

Koru Kate said...

Love! Your girls look adorable!! My Mom & I used to dress my sister & I alike, plus my Grandma dressed all of her granddaughters alike. I was so happy when this stopped :-)

Sandy a la Mode said...

looks like they had an AMAZING time!! soo sweet!!

Becky said...

Great pics of Easter festivities! Sorry to hear the girls were feeling a little under the weather. Just love those little pink shoes on the right -- they are too cute. I might wear them in they came in my size!

Alely said...

loved the egg pick up! and i love that shot of pia crying...poor thing. i hope she's feeling better by now.

Tang said...

Haha so cute! I miss being a kid sometimes.