Friday, April 15, 2011

road trip 2011: good eats

we had so many good eats during our road trip
that i had to dedicate an entire post just for
good eats!

first up: pinkberry
we have frozen yogurt places up here in canada 
but none can compare!

the girls love yogurt
make it frozen, add cool toppings like
mochi and chocolate chip crisps 
and they are in heaven

this burger was delish!!!
my little family and i are by no means burger connoiseurs
but we do like burgers!
(our faves being  dick's and five guys!)

the girls gobbled up a burger each!
too bad i didn't know about their "secret menu!"

the hubs and i each had a lobsta roll from the lobsta truck
he had his with mayo, me with butter
absolutely delicious!!!

my zoe loves sushi
so she got some temari sushi from the fish lips truck

well, you know that my girls and i love cupcakes!
so of course we had to stop by sprinkles

i got my favorite: red velvet
the hubs got chocolate with vanilla butter cream icing
and both girls got chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing

i was a little sad that i couldn't cross off
#4 on my "to do" list:
their schedule just wasn't jiving with ours
oh well! just gives us another reason to come back....

thanks to ruby for all your delicious foodie suggestions!

this is officially my last road trip 2011 related post
thanks everyone for indulging me with my many, many road trip posts!!!
and a special thanks to my sweet girls and sweet husband
for letting their crazy blogger mom/wife
take photos of their food before they had a chance to eat it
(or sometimes while they eat it!)

hope your weekend is swell friends!


Joanna said...

Yum!!! Lobster fave!

Alely said...

oh my goodness girl! yum! we finally got 3 pink berry places here and just found out in and out is coming to charlotte too! we californians are so stinkin' excited for the opening! the nom nom truck is on my list. do they have a schedule online?

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Is Pinkberry that good? There's one right by me but I've never been. Can you believe that? As for Sprinkles, I've definitely hit that place up. Do you know what the problem is, Jozen? So much good food, so little time. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, my dear friend!

jozen said...

@ brandi

yes, pinkberry is THAT good. I think it might be because they let you pile on the toppings... and the variety of toppings they offer is mind boggling!

Small Burst said...

now that's a vacation! Looks like you're having a great time. I love me some in and out. that's the first place we stop when we visit.

kim rakes said...

sprinkles, pinkberry, and a lobster truck? i believe they are all west coast things i am totally missin out on! hmpf!! what sweet photos (:

kim rakes said...

oh yes! and IN and out too... i SO haven't experienced life yet. haha

Becky said...

wow. looks like you guys hit up a lot of the "musts" list -- good job! I have yet to hunt down the kalbi taco truck, I'm going to need to do that soon.

Tang said...

In N Out is so good! I can't wait to eat it again when I got to Cali.

Flower Photography said...

Looks like so much fun! Love your shots - joined your blog :-)

Cindy said...

Hey Jozen lover your blog ! Your girls are so cute . Just wondering what app you use to take your pics . I love the antique/ retro look of them .