Sunday, April 24, 2011

the simple things

every sunday i will be celebrating

it's pretty simple!
take a photo of a simple thing or simple moment 
that made me smile during the week
and celebrate with others over at simple as that

this week, the girls were super sick
it's hard having not just one but two
little girls sick in the house

it took a little coercing to get them
off the couch and to the kitchen table to 
decorate some eggs
but once they started they didn't want to stop!

 the girls had fun decorating their eggs and i was relieved to see
them smiling and having fun despite the fact that they were sick

make sure you stop by tomorrow to see the finished product!

1 comment:

Alely said...

looks like its going to be a very creative project. i'll be back tomorrow to see how it all turned out!

happy easter friend!