Friday, May 27, 2011

first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the....

while putting together a slideshow of my weddings from last summer
i found this stolen moment taken of my sweet little girl

it got me all nostalgic because
a. she is so little here and it was only last summer
b. wedding season is almost upon me and i love weddings!

so then because i was thinking of weddings
i started thinking about love and marriage
and then love and marriage made me think of babies
(yes, my thought process is a little crazy at times)

and then i started thinking 
what if we have another baby?!?!


let me ask you moms out there with more than two... am i crazy?
to those of you who come from a family of three or more.. am i crazy?


Bubbles said...

I don't think there is a problem with how many children you have just as long as you are comfortable, happy and know you can finacial support them... so if another baby is what you want go for it :D

Joanne said...

I don't have kids yet but I can't wait til I have one again.
They're so cute!

Jzabela said...

i've been thinking the same thing myself! although my second is only 11 months old and i know i'm not ready to have a 3rd just yet, i've been told i'm crazy about thinking of having another.

the thing i like to remember is children themselves don't cost a lot of money, its what you want them to experience that does..if you don't have to make sacrifices to expand your family i say do it..if you do then you need to really think it through.

many have raised beautiful families with 3 children sans the horror stories of the "middle child syndrome" i believe it's what you make of it!

(i'd be so excited for you if you old is pia?)

Alely said...

i wanted four but unfortunantly God had other plans with the fourth but i have been blessed with the three and they have always had so much fun together.

simplyvonne said...

aw what a sweet picture! I just have one..and 3 is max..I have a lil girl right now and if I have a boy all done! :D

your newest fan!

Small Burst said...

You're not crazy. I say go for it! I only have 2 but if I was younger I would love to have another. You're loving parents and have room in your heart for another. I grew up in a big family and it was so much fun and still is!

leah said...

I come from a family of 7 kids. eek! i loved it, pretty sure all 7 of us loved it. and now it's even sweeter because my littles have lots of aunts and uncles that care about them! sure we didn't get to go on fancy vacations and such (only my dad worked), but i think the trade off was worth it. we went to the county fair every year, camping, to the beach often, etc. Having people close to you that you can always rely on is worth the not-so-lavish lifestyle. i am now pregnant with #3, have an 18 month old, and a 3 year old, some months we are struggling financially, but our kiddos are loved and have lots of fun, and i feel like that's all that matters. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

yes! have another cute baby!!! of course, i'm not help b/c i don't have kids haha!!

Rhian said...

What a beautiful shot! Hopefully our wedding photographer can catch something similar with my niece!

christy said...

If you enjoy being a mom, keep having more. My neighbor just had baby #5. She enjoys being a mom so much and it shows.

Nabihah said...

This picture is beautiful! definitely one to keep!
Unfortunately, i'm pretty far away from being a mom but i can definitely spoil my nieces and nephews with adorable clothes like this!