Friday, June 3, 2011

all sorts of lists

so when my sis turned the big 3-0
(hope she doesn't mind that i divulged her age!)

she managed to cross off a big to-do on her bucket list
bunjee jumping!!!

(see video below)

it got me thinking about what kind of stuff
i would have on my bucket list

i don't really have a bucket list per se
but there are a few things that i would like to do
before i ''kick the bucket''
1. be a contestant on the price is right
2. spend new year's eve in times square
3. see the eiffel tower
4. attend a taping of an oprah show
(i guess #4 is definitely not happening)

and since i was on a roll, i started thinking about
a summer to-do list
1. make homemade popsicles
2. have lots and lots of picnics in our yard
3. go camping
4. bike around the seawall with the girls
5. enroll the girls in swimming lessons
(can you believe i don't know how to swim?)

tell me,
what's on your bucket list?
or your summer to-do list?


Jenn Kirk said...

Wow, your sister is incredibly brave. I can barely tolerate roller coasters.

kim rakes said...

i want to go camping this summer too! i think that we are going to throw haley a "camp out" birthday party this year as an excuse to get some camping gear :)

i think you should add learning to swim onto your bucket list!!

Jo Jo said...

Making popsicles is definitely on my Summer to-do list! I also want to try and make Cake Pops like the ones they sell at Starbucks.

Your list sounds like fun too :)

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Lists are the best! Loved seeing be a contestant on the Price Is Right on it! The first week I moved to LA, I got to go to the show with a group and our friend got on as a contestant and won a new dining set and brand new this day I keep my little price tag sticker with my name on it on my fridge! :) Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Liesl :)

Alely said...

good for your sis! i don't think i could do that! and being a contestant on price is right? how fun would that be!

for 12 days we head home to CA! yippy skippy!
seeing family and friends, visiting San Francisco, a trip to So Cal with the fam...hitting disney for a couple of days, finding and eating from that nom-nom food truck, looking for the stars on hollywood exciting and we can't wait!

Becky said...

did you try to do #1 when you came to LA? You should have a go at it next time you guys come down!

Eleni said...

My New Years Resolutions this year were more like this kind of list - I wanted to keep it positive! Achieved so far: buy a car, take a sewing class, make at least one new friend, clear my overdraft, get all my things out of storage. Yet to be ticked off: learn to knit socks, crochet a hexagon blanket, bake a gingerbread house.