Wednesday, July 6, 2011

canada day @ the drive-in

 the girls had so much fun at the drive in last year
that we thought it would be a fun way 
to celebrate canada day!

we tried to keep it a secret from them all day
but when they saw the candy that i was packing
they kept asking me
"momma what's all that candy for?!?!"
(they aren't really allowed to eat candy)
and i replied with a "oh, nothing..."

and when they saw me bringing out pillows and blankets 
from the linen closet 
they asked "mommy, why are you bringing out all those blankets? we don't
need them it's hot...."
and i replied with "oh, no reason.."

and when i asked them to put socks on
"mom, why do we have to wear socks with our pajamas?"
(they don't like wearing socks in the house)
i said, " just because..."

and when zoe's godmother arrived with 
her own pillows and blankets

"why is ninang christine here..?"

and then finally because i am super bad at keeping secrets and because i was
kind of tired of answering their questions

we told them
we are going to the drive-in!

which resulted in this happy dance

it was a perfect summer evening for the drive in
not to mention that the second movie
was transformers 3, which made my hubs super happy

i think the girls were more excited about being in the trunk of the van
 than watching kung fu panda 2 

not to mention being out in public in their jammies

we got there pretty early to get a good spot
but while we waited for the sun to set
we munched on popcorn, candy, chips
strawberries, watermelon and chocolate chip muffins!

zoe  has been into "jumping poses" lately
so she wanted me to take a picture of her jumping in front of the screen
but it didn't really turn out

so she did her tried and true "peace sign" pose

it was a perfect way to spend our country's birthday
with family, lots of snacks
and great movies!

i think it might just become a canada day tradition!


simplyvonne said...

happy canada day!!! yes i think you should make it a tradition! and years down, the girls can do it too with their kids :D

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

So fun, I love going to the drive in!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Fun, Jozen! Where is this drive-in? I don't think we have any on the south island at all :( Last time I went to the drive-in, I was in Quebec! I'll never forget it. We saw Men in Black... in french!!! Talk about confusing.

Paige Elyse said...

This is the most precious post ever. Your children are adorable, and so are your ideas! Love your blog! Inspiring and Uplifting. :)

christine donee said...

oh a drive-in! How amazing.

Becky said...

how FUN I wish we had a drive in nearby!

Small Burst said...

Jozen, this looks so fun! I don't even think there are drive-ins in my neck of the woodsa anymore which is a shame. I'm now longing to go to the drive-ins just like old times. We used to go and of course mom packed our own "baon". You know how that goes-rice included! I like your candy baon better!

Punctuation Mark said...

the kids are sooooo cute!!! loving the images!


Awh that looks like the perfect way to celebrate! They're just adorable. And you can't put anything past them, can you? Kids can be so inquisitive :)

Tang said...

Aww so sweet! I love those little popcorn/candy boxes!

ag. said...

i absolutely LOVE the drive-in! my husband and i went the weekend before canada day (to the same one as you, i might add!). our snacks definitely did not look as cute tho!

Jenn Kirk said...

Hello! Mom of the year! I would be so happy too with a surprise like that. My kids love playing in the car, a movie on top of that would be like Disneyland to them!

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