Wednesday, August 17, 2011

slippin' and slidin'

we took the girls to the waterslides a few days ago
it was the first time they have ever been and they had a blast!
my hubs' work provided us with complimentary passes to the park
which we are very thankful for
otherwise it would have cost us a pretty penny!

it may not look like it from the photos
but pia was deathly afraid of the waterslides
when we first arrived, she was so excited she ran to the first slide
hopped on and didn't realize how fast and slippery it was 
and went flying down the slide
my hubs didn't get to the bottom of the slide fast enough 
so she pretty much flew off the slide like a cannon ball that had just been fired
and did some sort of twist mid-air
(according to my hubs)
and landed in the water with a huge "plunk"....
fully submerged face down
she came up sputtering water and angry
(she has a temper, that one)
and refused to go on any of the slides for a good hour
finally just before we were about to leave
she decided to try one out with my hubs

and of course didn't want to leave after that

we hope to take them one last time before summer starts
but it seems like the last few weeks are just flying by!

we have so much we still want to do before school starts!
i do love fall, but i hope that summer sticks around for a little longer
are you itching for fall to arrive or are you like me
and you're hoping for summer to stick around a wee bit longer?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i love waterslides! these pictures are so fun!

Jo said...

The girls look like they were having such a good time. My grandchildren love waterslides.

I will be glad when fall arrives for it has been such a hot summer here in Alabama. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and that school goes well for the girls.

I'm looking for followers on my blog and when I reach 100 I am having a give-away. Hope to see you soon.


Liesl said...

The joy on their faces just shines through...I love it! Oh summer and waterslide fun!

Liesl :)

Ellie said...

These are so cute! Wow are they adorable!

Tang said...

Haha kids are so funny! I just want summer to stick around forever! I don't mind fall though!

Therese said...

Hi Jozen,,

Those are fantastic photos you took!
Sounds like a fab day even with the angry time from your little one (they can be so feisty sometimes can't they).

Our summer here in the UK still needs to happen, I so miss some sun as we holidayed in Britain too.I love autumn, probably my favourite time of year, well apart from Christmas.

Enjoy the rest of your lovely summer. If we get any real sun I shall blog about it!


Sandy a la Mode said...

so much fun! they are soo cute in their pretty bikinis!!!

Bubbles said...

It looks like so much fun...

I want summer to stay a bit longer, partly because of the holidays but mostly because this year we have had an amazing summer weather wise... compared to all the rest.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I miss going to the water park! Looks like they had loads of fun.

Alely said...

aaaahhhhh....waterslides are the best for summertime fun. as for me...i am so looking forward to the fall season!

Sini said...

Looks so fun! It has been ages since I have been in waterpark, I think I would be scared of the slides too :) Your girls are really cute !

Therese said...

Hi Jozen, yes my little brother and his wife live in Vancouver. We visited some years back and it is a beautiful place, I can see why he wants to stay!

Take care,

Elisse said...

Looks like you had such a fun time! I haven't been to waterslides in ages!!