Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY: cake/cupcake stand tutorial

a few days ago i was on the hunt for a smallish cake stand
i searched high and low and couldn't find anything that was "just right"
so, i thought, i will make one myself !
i am sure that i am not the first one to make my own cake stand
(ok, just googled cake stand tutorial and there are lots!)

it's pretty easy peasy and i thought i would share with you all 
just how easy peasy it is!

you will need:
E6000 glue i got mine from a local craft store
a candle stick holder/stand
an appropriate sized plate for your candle holder/stand

apply the glue to the top (or bottom) of the candle stick/holder

turn plate face down and position candle stick/holder 
in the center of the plate making sure the candle stick/holder
is adhering to the plate

let glue dry for at least 24 hours

and voila! you have your very own custom made cake stand!

and what's great is you can pretty much make it in 
any colour combination or size you like
you can even add tiers by adding another candle stick and plate
go as high as you like!
and mine cost a grand total of $1.98 (not including the glue which i had already)
the candle holder was purchased from a thrift store for $0.99 and the plate was $0.99 too!

i made mine for a special back to school celebration 
we are having this weekend
zoe starts grade 1 on tuesday and pia starts pre-school!

it's another busy weekend for us filled with birthday celebrations and 
a special back to school (or in pia's case--first time in school) celebration
and my mom and dad are taking zoe and pia for part of the weekend because
they want to spend time with them before the busyness of school hits

aren't grandparents the best?!

oh, and zoe's 6th birthday picnic party was featured on sheek shindigs
check it out here!

and if you have ever wondered how hard (or easy!!) it is
to travel with kids, check out my "how i travel" post over at unstitched!


Melanie's Randomness said...

What a beautiful idea to do if you can't find one! It looks so easy too! Love it!

Your banner is adorable btw! Love the mustaches!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Therese said...

Have a fantastic weekend Jozen.

Love the cake stand, great idea.

And yes, Grandparents are the best!


Becky said...

That's a great (and inexpensive) idea. May have to employ that one! Have a great weekend.

Tang said...

Genius! I love finding ways to DIY!

Malou said...

Oh Jozen! You are superb! You never fail to impress me. You're a superwoman indeed. I'm a fan! <3

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

You are so creative.Love your blog thanks for your comment .

follow me.

Jean said...

neat idea!

i am your newest follower :)

Sonja said...

So cute, I've seen a couple of these diy ones, I think most of the time they end up looking so much bettter than the store bought ones! Nice!!! :o)

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

This is a great idea I wanted another tier for cupcake it could even be engineered thanks Jozen ! So creative , just curious when do you find time ? Two days into full time mommy again and I AM EXHAUSTED !

lala-rose mason. said...

Hey darling, I love your blog, I was wondering if you could follow mine? It's called the final sacrifice, I update it daily. It's at I am already following you and would mean soooo so so so much if you could follow me back.

Kind regards, a fan, a friend, Elisha Yates.

Marina said...

Wow, it really looks easy to make!

Rebekka Seale said...

I love this...I have made a large cake stand like that, but I love the idea of making small ones for smaller treats.

Alexandra said...

I think this is almost a better idea than even buying one anyways... you've clearly proven it can be MUCH cheaper and you can end up with something so cute and personalized. Hope you all have a great back to school celebration! :-)

Mixie Studio said...

GREAT idea! and super caaauutte!

Alely said...

thanks for sharing! i love this and i will most likely borrow the idea ; )