Friday, September 23, 2011

happy lunches

one of the many mommyhood challenges
that i face five days a week
is preparing healthy and yummy lunches for zoe to bring to school

she has been having lunch at school since last year
so preparing lunch for her to bring to school is not new to me
but it certainly remains challenging!

i am lucky in the sense that zoe is not a really picky eater
and once she likes something, she really likes something
she can eat it everyday if i let her

right now she is really digging nutella sandwiches
she has had it almost everyday since school started

i found these super duper neat sandwich cutters
they cut the sandwich into neat shapes and take the crusts off (bonus points!)

i alternate her snacks between fruit, cheese sticks and granola bars
and zoe doesn't like juice ( makes our dentist visits way more pleasant!)
so she brings water everyday

i also stick a little "love note" on her sandwich container with
happy tape... because happy tape makes everything happier!

now, i just need to brainstorm more lunch ideas 
for when the time comes and she decides 
that she doesn't want nutella sandwiches anymore


Noemi said...

What a most darling post! I love the note you attached to Zoe's sandwich box and the sandwich cutter!!

Tang said...

That sandwich cutter is SO CUTE! I love the sweet lunch notes! :)

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

My Mohammed loves nutella adores it ! Norah and Hamz are less picky so we do mini pita pizzas,cream cheese and a cucumber , and the love just plain ol crackers meat and cheese. I found so dino cookie cutters that I use for sandwiches and they seem to like it. The only thing I do pre package is the milk and sometimes Honest Kids juice. I love cheese sticks but with three it is cheaper to just buy a block and cube or send laughing cow wedges which they love. I also write fun facts on my love notes such as how many times your heart beats a day or a famous person, maybe even a date ! I love packing lunch better for them and they get something from home :)

Sarah said...

Aww fun mommy challenges. I remember LOVING getting love notes from my mom in my lunch. You are such a great mom and I love reading about it!

- Sarah

Jean said...

that's super cute <3
i love notes, too!

HazelWea said...

I love the little notes! =)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You are so good! My mother fed me the same thing day after day for years. For a few years it was PB&J, then just jelly sandwiches, then just bologna ones. I apparently used to get into food ruts and still do.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I've just remembered that I have a dinosaur shaped sandwich cutter somewhere. Must get that out for Dylan and Sawyer's lunches next week! I like to leave little notes in their lunch box too. Just need to get me some of that happy tape!

The Arizona Russums said...

is it strange that i am a little nervous for someday in the far off future when i will have to pack a lunch for my kids every single day? i don't even have kids yet, but i think about it from time to time! ha! but now i am adding nutella sandwiches to my future list of kiddie lunch ideas!

Mixie Studio said...

So cute!! Love the little notes and fun sandwich cuts ;) I just found you on I'm following you now ;)! They have some good recipes and ideas for lunch on there, too!

Becky said...

what is not to love about Nutella?! I would never get tired of that! KT goes to school from 11:15 - 2:35 so we do a snack before school, I pack a snack for school (they only get a 15 min break) and then we snack AGAIN after school!

Emkae said...

sandwich cutters are so fun. :) have you ever considered trying to do a bento box for zoe?

beckie said...

i love the sandwich cutters and it's an absolute bonus if they take off crusts! i've been getting bored of my own lunches and i may take a few pointers from yours :)

Therese said...

Had to giggle, Am now so pleased that Jacob has school lunches as my head was whirling trying to think of new things to put into his lunchbox - he is such a picky eater, likes something one day but not the next. He got very embarrassed about the notes and asked me to stop putting them in.
Boys hey!

Elisse said...

Those are such happy lunches! I know Zoe (and soon Pia) will remember all the thoughtfulness you put into them!

Marina said...

Those sandwich cutters are the best thing ever!! I want that! :)

simplyvonne said...

i cant wait until K is in school so i can write a lil note to her :) I can see it being stressful to pack for 5 days having trouble myself! even for dinner I dont know what to make :D im lucky that my husband is not a picky eater.

i love the bread cutter!