Friday, September 16, 2011

missoni + target = eye candy galore

i am sure that you have heard about the collaboration
 between missoni and tar-get
 this collaboration was so anticipated
that the target website was so overwhelmed with traffic 
that it was down for most of the day
(some of you must have read my frustrated tweets about it)

i did manage to successfully get onto the site later on during the day
and oh me oh my!
 all the lovely eye candy was almost to much to bear
but of course almost everything was sold out
(ahem, ebayers)

if you know me, i tend to get a little obsessed
and once i saw all the missoni for target goodies
i had to get my hands on some!

the very next morning 
we crossed the border 
(there are no targets up here in canada!)
to hit up the closest target... and there was nothing left!

but my hubs was so awesome and drove another 20 mins away
to the next target

lucky me there were still some super cute items to snag
i got these flats, which were the #1 item on my list
(pardon the flip flop tan)

zoe needed new rainboots
so why not some cute chevron ones?

and this skirt had pia's name all over it 

 and i knew zoe would just love this dress

as you can see i was a pretty happy camper leaving target!

were you guys able to snag any eye candy?


Sandy a la Mode said...

i got the flats and heels!! :D

Sini said...

Cute things! I wish we had nice stores like that, our little town is quite bad for shopping.Those shoes are looking good!

Elisse said...

Good thing you were able to score the flats! Can't wait to see the girls in their dresses!

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

I am love with the dress YOU got Zoe maybe once I get better and go get Norah's they can mix match one day and play long distance twins the Next ! I like your shoes too ! Love the design !

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i adore those flats!

Jean said...

wow. i heard all about it after they launched it. that's crazy. i love target.

Therese said...

Those shoes are so lovely and what a husband you have, how lovely of him to drive you out to the shop and then a little further still. He sounds terrfic.

Chaucee said...

Wow those are some cute shoes! I guess everyone wanted a piece of the collection. But I think I'm going ot stay away form this one because I think everyone and their MOTHER is going to have the same thing now, ha. But regardless it is SO cute!

Mixie Studio said...

The hype of the Missoni line was insane!! All of our Targets were wiped out too. You found some adorable finds, though! If I snag some (somewhere...if there are any left), I hope I find one of their neutral throws and a mug ;)

Sarah said...

That's great that you got your shoes. And what a nice huband =) I really wanted one of their pillows for my couch, but of course it was sold out everywhere and I haven't seen it on ebay yet =(

- Sarah

Mallory said...

So so jealous. My roommate and I have been waiting for restocks! I wish I could get my hands on those rainboots.


Becky said...

those are really cute flats! I didn't even bother to try, it seemed like madness!

Paper-Charmed said...

got some cute stuff there :D