Wednesday, October 26, 2011

how they play

ok, if you don't already know this
i am a neat freak--ok, that's putting it mildly
i think that i am borderline ocd with it comes to cleanliness
everything is always neat and organized in my home and clean
and because God is good, he made my hubs just as ocd
about being clean as me (maybe more!)
our friends have a little joke about us
is it clean? or is it diguangco clean?

but, there is one room in my house
that doesn't stay clean no matter how hard i try and i have just learned to let go

that room is the playroom

one day i walked into the playroom and saw all their stuffies and dollies arranged like this
apparently they were playing school

zoe: ok, pia i am the teacher and you are my students. we are going to learn to spell!
pia: teacher, when is recess?
zoe: not until after math... a looong time from now
pia: but i want recess now
zoe: no, it's not recess
pia: but recess is my favorite
zoe: ok, it's my favorite too, so it's recess now

later that same day, i walked in and tripped right over 

a disney princess tea party picnic

deep breath in deep breath out
at least they are cute messes right?!


thechattymommy said...

I love how your girls play- so sweet. I won't be inviting you over because you might have an attack if you saw my kids rooms right now! They make your playroom look perfect. lol

Sarah said...

Hahahaha this is so adorable, cute, and I can SOOOO relate to you on the mess. I loath holidays and birthdays because of all the toys she gets and how I'm going to organize them in our tiny home haha.

- Sarah

JanM ♥ said...

Oh my gosh! Those messes are adorable!

Malou said...

the room is very clean Jozen! its a pretty mess. love how the girls play. <3

Alexandra said...

Haha too cute. I am the same way as you. Although, I think I've gotten a little better at accepting a certain degree of mess, but generally only if it's on my own terms (I'm sure I drive my dad, who I'm currently living with, crazy at times with my sweaters hung over every chair and shoes tucked into every corner). Definitely going to have to become more accepting when any kids enter the picture!

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Jenn Kirk said...

I can totally relate. I have to clean as I go. And it's hard for me to watch my kids clean. They're so slow and complainy about it! Love the picnic though. At least it's an organized mess!

Alely said...

lol! you're are too funny! yes, they are very cute messes!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hahaha the messes are SOO adorable!!

trishie said...

Aw, your girls play such sweet games... Heheh

Therese said...

i have found without a little mess in my life everything is boring and rigid and I just don't have as much fun. The girls have a great play room and great toys, you are a doting mother Jozen!