Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend snapshots

this past weekend was filled with

the girls playing with their lola's highheels
i don't know how they are able to balance in heels at such a young age!

the girls and i baked banana bread
what is it about fall that makes you want to bake all the time?

i made broccolli and cheese soup using my sister in law's recipe
it is seriously the best broccolli and cheese soup ever

the girls and i have officially traded in our sandals and summer dresses
for boots and leggings

after church, we went for pho with my parents
and i enjoyed some vietnamese coffee for the first time

we ended off a little shopping trip with my mom and sis
with some cupcakes

what was your weekend filled with?


Sarah said...

I love the moccasin boot picture. Adorable. I love baking, especially during the Fall and Winter seasons.

Well I helped with a really really cute birthday party this weekend and enjoyed super spicy hot buffalo hot wings with my family. It was marvelous. Happy Monday!

- Sarah

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

I love love their shoes ! So so so cute love them

Paper-Charmed said...

hahaha your girls are so *kikay* (girls that love fashion, accessories, all that pertains to beauty :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Every single time I read one of your posts, I want to tell you how awesome and adorable your girls are. But you know that already, I'm sure. So instead I'll tell you how cool those pink cupcakes look -- I had one myself this weekend at the Brooklyn flea. It was a pear apple brandy cupcake, and it was delicious. I spent Saturday in DC apartment hunting and Sunday walking around Brooklyn and Manhattan with a friend that was visiting. It was so much fun.

Jenn Kirk said...

It's been nearly a decade since I've last had Vietnamese coffee (don't drink coffe anymore). But have you tried it iced? So good! And I'm really liking the ankle socks + heels. Your girls are channeling Kate Spade.

Ellyn said...

I'm dyin' over those moc boots! Love them! And Jozen, I tried your ginger lime chix recipe... two thumbs up!

Elisse said...

Sounds fun! Looks like lola's got some nice shoes!

Mixie Studio said...

Love the girls' moccasin boots!! I enjoy to bake during the fall, too. I love making mini pumpkin cupcake gems with cream cheese icing! Mmmm

Coco Draws said...

Such cute snapshots. :)

Marina said...

I never tried anything like broccolli and cheese soup.. I have to change that!

Tang said...

Boots are too cute. I could use a pair! :)

Bree said...

I love these weekend snapshots! Your girls are so cute playing dress up with high heels lol.

I love broccolli and cheese soup. I shall try making it!

Yay for boots and leggings. I swear, leggings are the comfiest piece of clothing ever. <3

P.S. I like smokey eyes too although I need to practice creating them.

XoXo, Bree
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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love the picture of the booties and tights. so fun! and i just made banana bread today, too - it's the best!