Sunday, November 27, 2011

run like a girl

i don't know exactly what inspired me to put on my running shoes
that early september morning

maybe it was the sun
maybe i needed to get out of the house
maybe i finally wanted to get rid of the "baby weight"
(is it still baby weight after 4 years?!)
maybe i wanted to get active

i couldn't even make it around my block
yes, i know pathetic
but you are talking about a girl who is allergic to exercise
when i finally made it back to my house
i laid on the floor ready to pass out
zoe touched my head and asked in a concerned voice, "mommy are you ok?!"
the next day my sweet hubs, who didn't want me to get discouraged
 took me to a nearby track and said
"try running around the track once without stopping"
and i did it!
a few days later, he said
"try running around the track twice without stopping"
and i did it!
a few days after that, he said
"try running around the track three times without stopping"
and by golly gee i did it!
and so forth and so forth

i didn't want to tell my sisters just yet
they are both marathoners
and i didn't want the pressure
but one day i let my little secret out
"i started running..."
(if you can even call it that)

immediately they started giving me advice
taking me out for runs
helping me buy cute running gear
(a girl still has to look cute running you know!)

and slowly but surely i was up to running 5k
my sister told me to sign up for my first race--a 10k
double what i was doing at the time!
 she told me i needed a goal

i tried to regularly run as much as i could through the week
my parents would watch my girls so i could run
my hubs would wake up early sunday mornings, tired as heck, but would still run with me
my sister would pick me up and run in the rain with me
my baby sister would take me to the gym and work out with me to strengthen my weak legs

exactly seven days ago
this was my sis and me running my first 10k race
she stayed with me every step of the way

this is zoe, my mom and pia waiting for me at the finish line
(my hubs, dad and future brother-in-law were also there)

here's all three of us at the finish line

i still don't know what motivated me to put on my running shoes
that september morning

but i sure do know what kept me motivated to continue running...

my amazing family.

so if you can, go run like a girl (or a boy!)


Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww you GO girl!! i need to get back into running once i have my baby!!!

Malou said...

Congratulations again Jozen! Keep it up. Its good for your overall wellbeing. Nothing really beats family support. Go girl! :D

Liesl said...

Good for you!!! Congratulations and how great that you have such amazing family support!

Liesl :)

Elisse said...

Jozen! Congrats on completing your first 10k! I'm so proud of you! Running looks good on you, and I hope you continue this :)

Sini said...

Wow Jozen! That's amazing :) you know,i'm allergic to sports too even i would like to like it.. And of course look good :p

Ellyn said...

You go, mama!!!! Wow!! I have some baby weight to lose... But i despise running!

simplyvonne said...

yay congrats!!! I am very much like you, allergic to running and all sorts of excercising! haha

The great thing about running is that you can run around your schedule and not have to drive anywhere to do it. I need to get back to running again!

Alely said...

get it girl! so proud of you! keep it up and soon you'll be doing a 1/2 then a full marathon! i'm hoping to start training for a 1/2 starting january in hopes to do one sometime in april or may of 2012. we shall see!

Alely said... sisters are adorable! and of course you gotta look good! love the running gear!

Becky said...

CONGRATS! That's awesome -- good for you!!!!

Sini said...

Jozen, this did inspire me and I went jogging last night! Amazing :D

Jenn Kirk said...

That is so awesome, what an accomplishment!

flora said...

congratulations! that's amazing!
it's funny that you say you're allergic to exercise, because the first "run" my hubby & I did, many moons ago, I told him I was allergic to running. Really! My legs broke out into a rash right afterwards. I never ran again! Good for you! I'm inspired.

Paper-Charmed said...

you go girl!

Joanne said...

So proud of you!!
Keep on runninnng! :)

Sarah Joy said...

So cool! :)
I've never run a ___K or anything
but I want to!

Eleni said...

Wow, congratulations! I tried running years ago because I was sick of paying for exercise classes, but I gave up because I was so rubbish at it - couldn't get around the block once! So, your story is pretty interesting to me, maybe I should give it another try?!!