Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 days of christmas: day 10

today's advent activity was extra special

the girls donated toys to a local toy drive

ever since zoe's first christmas we have donated toys to our local toy drive
so of course, this tradition was incorporated into our christmas countdown

our girls are incredibly blessed with so many generous people in their lives
but unfortunately we live in a world
where not every little girl or boy is as blessed  

so we try to teach the girls that there are other little girls and boys
in the world that need toys more than they do

through out the year we buy toys for those "needy kids"
and then we take those toys and donate them all

we weren't sure how the girls would react this year
because they are older and less inclined to do something
just because mom or dad said to do it
(and there were toys in the pile that i know they wanted to keep!)

but after we donated all the toys and walked away
i asked them how they felt
and pia said "i think we need to go and buy more toys so we can
give more toys away to the needy kids...."


Sandy a la Mode said...

this is such a sweet idea and tradition!! you are such a great mom!!

Alely said...

sweet! that's a tradition they will always remember and keep for when they will have their own kids.

Sarah Joy said...

What a great way to instill such sweet spirits! I bet they make their momma (&pappa) proud. :)

ginanorma said...


Elisse said...

Such an important activity to include! You're teaching your kids the value of being part of the greater community! What a selfless lesson to teach!

Eleni said...