Monday, December 19, 2011

25 days of christmas: day 19

for day 19 of our christmas countdown
each girl received a new book
and pia received for just one day

i remember when i was pregnant with zoe
i would often say to my hubs
"i hope our kids love reading just like me..."
so, at an early age, we would read to them daily
and now i can honestly say that my girls 
love getting new books over new toys

the only thing they love more than a new book is having the book
read to them


sharon lei said...

Awww look at your girls.. they got so big from the last time i visited (the blog)... sorry I haven't been commenting as often.. life has been super busy. I've missed you, friend.

I hope all is well with you and your family!! Can't believe Christmas is already this weekend. I haven't even finished my Christmas shopping. hahaha.

Love ya, Jozen. Muah.

xx Love & Aloha

OkieMama said...

I pretty much turn to goo when I catch my hubby reading to our little guy. Seeing yours all cozy with your angels is precious! Really glad to have found your blog. I'll be back!

Jean said...

i love when children want me to read to them all the time, this shows you that they are being read to a lot which is so rereading to both the person reading and the child being read to. people don't know how great this is for children and how simple of a task it is that makes the child sooooooo happy!

i like zoe's book :) might just need it for myself.

Ellyn said...

This is random but our hubbies both have shaved heads! Seriously, iSister, we need to meet one of these days! ... And love that you're sharing your love of books/reading to your gals. I grew up as a bookworm and now i take the kiddies to the library all the time. Xo

Bonnie said...

I love young readers! :) Good for them, and good for you guys!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

smallburst said...

I love that picture of the girls and daddy reading. I just cherish the moments we lay in bed together reading. It's really special. I think my daughter would just love the dress book. Totally up her alley!

Tang said...

Adorable. They're gonna have amazing Christmas memories!

Bubbles said...

I was going to comment on this the other day but even though I've been reading all your posts I haven't had the chance to comment as usually its before I go to work.

I know exactly what you mean about wanting your girls to love books as I'm the same... I've already started buying them! When my sister told me she was pregnant I got double sets of some (at work we have book companies come in selling complete sets)... when my niece was born around 7-8 months I started taking her to the library and there isn't a week now when she doesn't ask me or her mum to take her. Its much better then sitting in front of the TV.