Thursday, December 29, 2011

our very merry christmas!

you may or may not be able to tell
but these photo booth photos were taken at 2:30am christmas morning!
yup! i don't even know how zoe and pia were functioning
my husband's side of the family always celebrates on christmas eve
presents are exchanged at midnight
so it always means a long day for us!
but it's always super duper fun

even though it was a late night the night before
the girls were wide awake christmas morning to see if santa stopped by

he sure did! 
making sure to take a nibble out of the sugar cookies we left for him
but the girls were upset that we forgot to leave carrots out for his reindeer
sorry reindeer!
santa left me the she & him christmas cd in my stocking!
wasn't that sweet and so hip of him? haha!

after we opened the gifts from santa
we open up the gifts from the rest of the family

our girls are truly so blessed
receiving so many lovely and thoughtful gifts each year

after gift opening, it's become a little tradition 
for my hubs to make breakfast!
this year he made waffles... so yummy

in the afternoon, we head over to my parents house
for more food and more gifts

it really truly is the most wonderful time of the year
being surrounded by family
 and celebrating the birth of our savoir jesus christ

hurry up  and come again christmas! we miss you already!


Jean said...

the joys of good family. i love it, too! it's so rewarding! <3

p.s. i love zoey deschannel.

Sini said...

Oohh so cute! We give gifts at evening too,I prefer evening than morning :)

Sini said...

Oohh so cute! We give gifts at evening too,I prefer evening than morning :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

what a great christmas. you've got a beautiful family.

hope your new year is just as wonderful and blessed

Sarah Joy said...

What a sweet Christmas!
Wishes for a happy New Year & blessings all around from our family to yours Jozen! :)

Becky said...

oh my goodness, were they asleep by 10 a.m. that morning?! I don't think I would have made it to midnight! Great pics, looks like you guys had a merry one!!!

Happy New Year!

ginanorma said...

oh boy, hahaha 2:30 am ! What a riot, love it! how are those photos so cute?! Were they taken with your regular camera!? JUST love em'!

merry merry christmas precious friend and to your precious family!

Happy new year too!!! thank you for your gift of friendship this year!

Alely said...

what a wonderful christmas you had sharing it with lots of family, lots of gifts and good food!