Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend snapshots

this past weekend was filled with

our wonderful neighbor dropped off a big box of apples for us to enjoy!
my favorite kind too! ambrosia... yum!

we finally got a chance to check out the mac shack
the girls were in heaven! they adore macaroni and cheese

we stopped to admire a few christmas trees
this one was pia's favorite because it was blue

had my first gingerbread "person" (yes, that is what is was labeled as at the bakery)
 of the season

yay! pinkberry is finally here in canada!

had a sushi date with my favorite person

what was your weekend filled with?


ginanorma said...

love your snap shots as usual !! We went to a christmas choral concert, and did some crafting, check out my post today for the craft, you and your girls could do it!!!xoxo

Jean said...

so cute! we stopped to admire lights in a small town downtown, Lol. but the quality was horrid.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

My weekend was filled with some quiet, some work, some cookies, some old movies, and lots of Christmas music. And now I need to fill my Monday night with some mac and cheese... That bowl looks so good!

Joelle said...

The Mac Shack?! Really? Sounds like my type of restaurant!


Elisse said...

I've been meaning to check out the Mac Shack! Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Date nights are the best!

ellyn said...

You guys are adorbs! Yum mac and cheeeese, Ella loves it.