Monday, September 17, 2012


i come from a family of all girls ( i know... my poor dad!)
i am the oldest of three girls
i am so lucky to have two sisters because 
that means i also have two best friends

i talk to my sisters everyday
no joke. 
it's very, very rare that a day will pass
that i have not spoken to either of them
most conversations are only a few minutes long
and lately we have really been into texting (hee hee)

my baby sister got married two weeks ago
she was so lucky in love to have found
a man that will love her and treasure her the way that she should be

and just a few days ago
my middle sister's boyfriend
got down on one knee in front of my parents
and asked my sister to be his wife

daughters, sisters, bestfriends
 and now wives


Joanne said...

Congrats to your sister for getting engaged! She must be so excited.
Like you, I come from a family of all girls and I'm also the oldest. I think my dad's lucky to have all girls in the family. He lives like a king! haha!
Benefits of having sisters is being able to share clothes. Even my mom "borrows" from us. :)

helen said...

aw, how aweesome! you all look alike in such the sweetest way. congratulations to sharing this season of life together. SOOO exciting!!!

Becky said...

great post, made me smile. I am close with my brother, but there are just some things you keep between girls. I hope my girls are always close like you and your sisters.

Jean said...

so sweet. i know, after 3 girls, my dad finally got his son... and another three girls and one more son, lol.

i love having sisters.

congrats to your sisters, on her wedding and the other one on her engagement! :) :) :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

i love your family of all girls!! i am soo happy to have 3 sister in laws!!!

Sandy a la Mode

Rubyellen said...

ilove this because i totally relate!! xoxo