Friday, November 30, 2012

a new tradition

wow! was this new tradition
quite the adventure for our little family

i have always wanted a fresh tree
but growing up we always had an artificial one
and our first christmas together
husband and i lived in a townhouse 
where they didn't allow fresh trees
so we bought an artificial one and have been
using that for the past eight christmases

last christmas husband proclaimed
next year we are finally getting a real tree!

so a few days ago 
our little family bundled up and headed to a local tree farm
we were greeted by a friendly gentleman who proceeded to show us
the fresh trees he had just chopped down

no thanks we said, we are going to chop one down ourselves!
after much deliberation (and i thought nothing would top our pumpkin hunt!)
we finally settled on a 10 foot (yes! TEN FEET FOLKS) noble fir
husband got down to business
it was quite a feat because they didn't allow axes or power saws
he had to use a hand saw
and he may or may not have gotten pooped on by a few 
birds once or twice

ok, so after the tree was chopped down
we had to drag/carry the 10 foot, very heavy tree back to the lot
(of course pia had to use the bathroom at this time... side note: porta-potties are not
mom and 5 year old friendly)

phew! now we had to stuff this tree into our mini van
which we managed to do, but the top was sticking out
therefore we had to drive with our trunk slightly open
and pia crying and saying that we were going to get a ticket
the whole 10 minute drive home

after a quick trip to wal-mart to get a stand we finally got home
and seriously folks, i wasn't sure if we were going to get
this tree into my home!

we finally did, and wow was it tall!
yes we knew it was 10 feet and our ceilings are about 11 feet
but it reached our ceiling! 

we needed to make not one but two more trips to wal-mart because
we didn't have enough lights for this monster of a christmas tree

i honestly wasn't sure if we had enough ornaments to decorate it either
(but of course i would have happily obliged to shop for more!)
but as you can see we had more than enough
(ahem-- i have a slight christmas ornament addiction)

ok, you might be thinking
she said tradition--she actually wants to do this again next year?

oh yes i do!
and you want to know why?

mommy, we have the best tree, it's like 
one huge air freshener

proclaimed by my zoe
 age 7, christmas 2012


Maria Olivia said...

Your kids are so adorable. :D

Elisse said...

I love having family Christmas traditions! And adding this one is perfect in your home! I can't wait to have my own place that allows real Christmas trees :)

Hope you are doing well, Jozen! Maybe we can catch up over coffee soon :)

Alely said...

great tradition and I am so jelly of your rain boots! love the color!