Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY: Winter Wonderland Snow Globes

For day 16 of our annual christmas countdown
the girls and i made 
waterless winter wonderland snow globes

i was first spotted these lovelies at anthropologie
they looked simple enough to recreate at home with my girls
and they most certainly were!
take a peek below

see how simple that was?
we opted to do waterless snow globes
but you can also add distilled water
for water filled globes
just make sure the trees (or whatever you decide to use) will last in the water
and glitter will probably work better than the snow

the girls have been thoroughly enjoying
our christmas countdown this year
 you can follow along on instagram to see what
we have been doing daily!


Elisse said...

What an easy DIY! I was thinking of making these as Christmas gifts for next year :)

Becky said...

love it! Very cute!

Alely said...

very creative! wish i still had little ones to do this with!