Monday, August 19, 2013

yes... I am still alive!

well, hello everyone!
yes, i am still alive!
i have received some kind, concerned emails
asking of my whereabouts lately
and wondering why i haven't updated my blog
in sooooooooo long

well, honestly...
 i don't have a good excuse at all my friends
truth be told... i had a lot on my plate
and one of the first things that i removed from my plate was my blog
i know... bad blogger

but hey! here is a quick run down
of what's been happening in my little corner of the world
these past few months

i turned 35!
yes, i am officially over the hill (or was i already? and just didn't know it?)
and i feel good about it

my first born, my zoe
turned 8 years old!
yes, 8....
she is still the sweetest little girl i know
with the biggest sweet tooth!
she has been wanting an American Girl forever
so that's what we did for her birthday

and pretty much
we have just been enjoying summer and all it has to offer
we have been camping
berry picking
taken multiple trips to the waterslides
have gone on numerous ice cream dates
 watched some fireworks
and had a picnic lunch

we pretty much have checked off every single item on the girls' summer list

we hope to wrap up this wonderful summer with our annual trip to the fair

happy week friends and thank you so much for the concerned emails, tweets
and messages

ps. i may not have time to update my blog regularly.. but you can find me here
it's a lot easier to update more regularly because it's instant and mobile!

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