Tuesday, February 9, 2010

do you believe ?

We almost didn't make it to the Olympic torch relay. The girls and I were a little under the weather and we were unsure about taking the girls out in such a large crowd.

Boy, was I glad that we decided to go ahead with our plans to watch the Surrey leg of the 2010 Olympic torch relay.

The excitement in the air was contagious. Zoe and Pia were absolutely enraptured by everything that was going on around them. There was lights, music, fireworks and tonnes and tonnes of people (0ver 20,000 to be exact!). It felt very vegas-ish! We were beside a group of 8 year old boys that kept yelling "Do you believe?!?" (it's the 2010 olympic slogan)

and YES! we do believe!!

(my mom and dad)

(hubby getting into the spirit of things)

(pia loved waving her flag!)

(my sisters and my future brother in law)

(the torch is coming!)



Micaela said...

i am sooooo glad you guys got to experience that. all of you... your family with your husband and your parents. What a cherished moment it will always be.

Picture Imperfect said...

What a wonderful experience! I went to the relay when the torch was in Whitehorse too! :o)


All of those Canadian flags in your post made me feel very patriotic. I'm happy that you all went to take in the festivities - as always your family looks thrilled to be getting together.

No wonder I love your blog so much! :o)

Picture Imperfect said...

Sorry... let me try that link again... :o)

The Olympic Torch Comes to Whitehorse

Have a wonderful day!

Risti Megan said...

Don't you just love having the Olympics here? And love being Canadian, too of course. The torch relay came through my town a couple weeks ago and it was so cool.

Jenn Kirk said...

Oh how fun! I remember when the torch came through my college town a few years ago. Isn't it a little surprising how emotional you get seeing that symbol of peace and triumph?