Monday, February 8, 2010

proud to be canadian :)

With Vancouver hosting the world in a mere 4 days, it's the best time to show off your Canadian pride.

Why not do it fashionably?

Get this adorable "sweatshirt" from Aritizia, a canadian owned and operated super chic women's boutique that has been dressing us canadian girls for as long as I can remember.

Wear your heart on your hands! Get these adorable red mittens from Zellers for a mere 10 bucks!

Roots, another iconic canadian owned and operated boutique has come out with their own line of olympic gear. Think of it as lumber jack-tree hugger meets stylish-fashionista.

And, last but not least... the Hudson's Bay Company, which has been around for three centuries is the place to buy your official olympic gear.

Our whole family will be watching the torch relay tonight... exciting!!

Now get out there and show off your Canadian pride!


cArLa said...

i'm feeling extra patriotic mostly because we saw the torch today!

Micaela said...

i looove the mittens!!!

You know i've always wanted to go to Canada... when i was in 7th grade and moved to Texas, i begged and begged my Dad to take me to Calgary, Alberta.

i even grabbed a road map and highlighted a route to get there. (From Texas-- i didn't factor in how many hours of drive time that would be.. even in 7th grade)

i wanted to get to Canada to meet my hero ... Bret Hart, back when the WWE was the WWF.

yup, i loved Wrestling :) and Bret was from Canada so i was set on getting there.

someday ;) that was random, but a story about your Canada.