Tuesday, February 23, 2010

princess sophia

This is my adorable god daughter Sophia aka Princess Sophia of Far Far Away Port Land.

She will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this weekend in true princess style complete with cupcakes, crowns for her fellow princesses and frog masks for the little princes.

Her mom made the crowns and frog masks herself and will have all the little princesses and princes decorate it themselves at the royal party. How fun!

All hail Princess Sophia!


Krista said...

Awww... she's a beauty! Happy Early Birthday Princess Sophia! :o)

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Micaela said...

what a proud auntie you must be! :) she's GORGEOUS!!! in fact, I told max that if we have a baby, I want her to look just like sophia (which is also my niece's name)


JanGirl said...

Oh wow she is so adorable :D It's so nice to meet another Canadian blogger :D Have a great day.

Dani said...

HI there! i'm your knick knack exchange buddy & I just wanted to stop by & say hello. I got your package & I LOVED it. I have a magazine addiction, so you fed that. AND just the other day my sister & I had this long conversation about finding the perfect lip gloss that is glossy, but still moisturizing...I love the one you sent. Thanks for the goodies!!!

stop by and visit!


mart and lu said...

so cute. she is darling!