Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Feet

Our good friends are getting married this May in Maui (hubby and I were actually the ones that "set them up"!) and we are lucky enough to be able to go.

Hubby is one of the best men and Zoe and Pia are the flower girls.

Our friends have requested that the girls wear white summer dresses and chucks. Uber cute right?

We set off to find the girls their shoes the other day. There was quite a selection to choose from! From every colour in the rainbow to sparkly ones to some with different designs all over them. I picked up a simple pink pair but my hubby stopped me.

"We have to get the girls these."

He was holding a pair of the most sparkly fuschia shoes I have ever seen.

He really is the father of two little girls.


Micaela said...

i loooove this post for so many reasons! that last line... someday i hope to say the same about my husband-to-be.

i want a pair just like the girl's :)

cArLa said...

too adorable! lucky you... ;)

Kii said...

It's so cute. Coincidentally, I blogged about shoes and feet too. (

[Kiie from swap-bot dropping by]

Krista said...

That is adorable and those shoes are AWESOME! I would buy them if I saw them in my size...

And your husband? TOO CUTE! I hope we can see pictures of the girls all dressed up in May. :o)

Yoshi said...

These remind me of a pair of pink sparkly high-tops that I had when I was a teenager. If they had been this color instead of pale pink, I probably would have worn them more.

The chucks are such a great idea for flower girls (and the bride and groom probably didn't even know you would find fab sparkly ones). What shoes are the bride and groom wearing?