Monday, March 1, 2010

fancy a spot of tea?

The uber talented Fallon of Olive is giving away (yes, you read that right giving away) this adorable tea time bunting.

If you are a tea lover like me, then this bunting was made for you!

So, scoot on over to her blog and enter her fabulous giveaway!

Thanks Fallon!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

is this adorable or what!!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

awww thank you!!!! hopefully you will win next time!! :)

Krista said...

super cute!!!

jennifer young said...

ohmygoodness your little follower icon just made my day!!! hope you had an amazing day yourself!

i still need to enter fallon's giveaway! eeeeee!

Micaela said...

doesn't fallon make the sweetest creations!? speaking of such... my bestie sent me one of her postcard pillows! which is THE perfect gift because it's my favorite personal thing to send... i sent her one for Christmas :)

her shop is a go-to of mine for sure!

thanks to you, i read about the giveaway btw-- THANKS! xoxo