Saturday, February 27, 2010

some yarn, some tea and a little bit of gold

Last night was spent crocheting granny squares for the great granny square swap, drinking tea and watching the olympics with my hubby.

I'm halfway done to the 22 granny squares that I need to make and the men's speed skating team won GOLD!!

It was a very productive and lovely evening.


Fallon said...

Sounds like a fun swap, wish I could crochet!

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Hi Jozen!

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts in the Good Karma gift swap! I've just updated my blog with a post on all the lovely things!

Catherine at jumbleberry-orchard :-)

Rebecca Ednie said...

I;d love to see that afghan when it is done! Rebecca Ednie/thebragal Swap-Bot

Lindy said...

absolutely love the colors you chose and am envious you can do a granny square... i've not been able to figure it out and mine end up looking like some sort of single cell animal... i'm helpless trying to decipher directions...!
collagecafe04 from swapbot