Friday, March 12, 2010

friday feet - pretty new shoes

I went shopping with my mom and sisters the other day. I love shopping with my mom and sisters, we always have a lot of fun.

My sweet mom bought me these super cute shoes (yes, I do realize that I am an adult, with my own family, living on my own, but my mom still spoils me once in a while, what can I say?) I actually have the same pair in bronze, but gold and bronze are different (no matter what my hubby says).

And a girl can't have too many super cute shoes with bows can she?

I also scored the adorable dress that I'm wearing for a mere 20 bucks (down from $128.00).

It was a good shopping day.

What are your feet up to? Play along if you like!


Elaine Reyes said...

love the pretty bows on those shoes!

and i just noticed... you're up at 2:42am?!? i'd be dead on my feet if i wasn't in bed by then.

happy friday!

projectvee said...

love the bow! so so cute. and what a great deal on the dress :)

Downtown Girl said...

I love bows. I love shoes. Those are adorable!! Your have a sweet mom. Reminds me of my mom...

Katie said...

Sweet blog!

Thanks for following me!

I'm adding you too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE SHOES! And "what a deal!" My mom is always telling us"waiting for sales always pays off. :)"ha ha