Tuesday, March 9, 2010

friends and free goodies

When I first started my blog it was because I wanted a place to write about my sewing adventures, fabric obsessions and other crafty things. Eventually my blog evolved to become a place to record everyday moments of happiness that would otherwise go unnoticed in my day to day life.

Unexpectedly, others became interested in my little blog and what I wrote about. Even more unexpectedly, I made friends.

One of my friends, Lita of Downtown Girl Designs is having a giveaway over at Cakies. She is the sweetest girl (and new mommy!). I swear we were separated at birth, we have so many things in common. Scoot on over to Cakies and check out her lovely giveaway.

My sister in law (and friend) is also having a giveway on her blog. I love these fortune cookies so much I bought two sets. Wedding season is fast approaching... so any brides-to-be out there... these would make great wedding favours or bridal party thank you cards!

See? isn't blog land great? where else can you make friends half way across the world and get free stuff?


Downtown Girl said...

Jozen, you're the best! I have to email you and chit chat with you more!

in company with sparkles said...

I love giveaways! (And of course entered this one :)
Though I love sparkly things, it does get on my nerves when it gets all over my desk when I'm crafting (but to be honest, I don't use glitter much anymore!).

Jen Kim said...

hi Jozen, thanks so much for visiting my blog: yours is beautiful! i'm following u too, it's nice to find other pink lovers out there :-)

Downtown Girl said...

sent you email last night to your hotmail address. wondering if you ever got it?

Elaine Reyes said...

glad to see you're in here... and thanks for the giveaway tips, just might get my name in there!

are you still sewing, btw? any luck on making any of those boy outfits???

m.e (Cathie) said...

hi Jozen!
nice of you to pop by, i have enjoyed visiting your beautiful blogworld

Anonymous said...

wow! thank you very much for commenting on my blog. and following me. I really appreciate it and hope I can be a great blogger as I go on posting. :) I really like your new post and the way your page is set up. All of the handmade goodies are great and very cute. The pics are pro and all the colors blend nicely. :D

Micaela said...

i loved your sister-in-law's creations and blogged about the before :)


what a great giveaway she's having, thanks for the tip jozen :)

the blogging world is SO AMAZING! xoxo