Thursday, May 13, 2010

spring musings

hi, i'm meg, from meg's musings! i am so excited (and honored) to be doing my very first guest post while jozen is soaking in the beauty of hawaii!
is hands-down my favorite season.
i revel in it.
this revelry may have something to do with the
loooooong, cold Michigan winters i must endure each year.
i (along with my fellow Michiganders) am basically forced to hibernate for (at least) four months, my poor skin receiving so very little of the Vitamin C it craves.
and though i do appreciate a fresh snowfall,
my wonder and awe turns to annoyance and rage come March.
i have to make a real effort to resist
becoming melancholic.
but although i am not especially fond of these winter months,
in a way, i am thankful for them.
because when spring finally does begin to peak her head,
and i feel the warm sun beaming on my face after months of deprivation,
it is one of the most glorious feelings.
it makes me feel alive and hopeful.
there's no way i would appreciate it so much if it weren't for winter.

one of my most favorite parts about spring is the ever-so-brief period
when the trees bloom - particularly cherry blossoms.
they make my heart go a-flutter.

these are all trees i swoon over on hubby and i's daily walks through the neighborhood
with our rambunctious pup Magglio.
i'm pretty sure Maggs likes spring just as passionately as me
because of these walks :)

what about spring makes you swoon?


Sandy a la Mode said...

yay for michiganders!!!!! =)

these flowers are absolutely beautiful!! being outside and seeing lovelies like these makes me swoon! also being able to take walks in the park b/c the weather is nicer!! however, t-storms, hail and tornados really do put a damper on things... =(

great post meg!

Small Burst said...

walks are definitely loveliest in the spring. You know it's spring here in the DC area when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. They're magnificent!

Jo Jo said...

That time when the tress are blooming is so brief but beautiful! I have a love hate relationship with Spring, love the flowers and weather but HATE the allergies!

Thanks for sharing your photos, they are great!

Koru Kate said...

i'm so with you . . . spring wouldn't be as sweet without a long, cold winter!

Renee said...

We just moved last year from Canton,MI & I miss it so badly...what part of MI are you in?

Wild and Precious said...

meg you are too cute! did you take those pics? they are beautiful! i can smell them in my office!

Rachel said...

hi meg:)

i am so envious as we only have the rainy and summer seasons... the cherry blossoms are breathtaking!!!!

FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

So very pink flowers and spring time!

Liesl :)