Friday, January 28, 2011

meet my new friend: mr. kitchenaid mixer

for my christmas gift, my sweet sisters and mom all pitched in
and bought me my very own
lovely kitchenaid mixer!!

since it was a special order (i wanted the majestic yellow)
it only arrived yesterday
but it was totally worth the wait!!

i would love to bake these or these this weekend
but my little family will be in portland
visiting my sister in law and eating our hearts out!

hope you lovelies have a lovely weekend!

p.s. if you have any suggestions on what to do, where to eat in portland...
please leave me a comment!


Eleni said...

Oh, congratulations, what a lovely present! You should read this blog post:

She cracks me up!

ALELY said...

love that yellow! i have the standard white one i bought years ago and it's one of my best investments. i heart my kithenAid!

have a loveLee weekend in portland friend!

Maria Isabel said...

That mixer is a must! I have one too and love it to bits!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

LOVE the yellow. Oh, the things you and that mixer are going to make together (whipped creme is so easy with a stand mixer). Have fun in Portland -- I wish I had suggestions but I've never been there.

Micaela said...

oh i so want one now that one of my resolutions was to learn my way in the kitchen ;) fabulous color and so sweet of your sisters!!! i love it. have fun with mr. new kitchenaid!

megan lane said...

he's beautiful!! how exciting! have so much fun in portland! i have long dreamed of visiting there.

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Oh jealousness.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE my stand mixer! it does wonders for cookies and bread!! :) i love how yours is yellow!

Becky said...

We love our mixer. Katie can now operate it on her own. Funny, I barely used it before we had kids, and now we use it almost weekly!

Portland - It's probably a tad early, but I always love walking around when the cherry trees are in bloom on the west side.

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

My sister has the exact same one in that lovely yellow color and she just loves it...I love that you refer to it as a Mr! So cute!

Liesl :)

I love hearing about weddings, and I must say that turquoise green looks just amazing on you and the bride was the fit of her dress!

Liesl :)

P.S. I passed the "7 Facts Award" onto you because I simply love your blog and would love to learn more! :)

danielle @ take heart said...

yay for kitchen aids and yay for portland!

Marisa Midori said...

Mmmm honey cinnamon frosting. A mix master is on my list of dream kitchen items. Have a wonderful time in Portland. I've never been but would love to go one day!

Tang said...

I really want one of those! :)