Tuesday, April 12, 2011

road trip 2011: disneyland

the main reason for our road trip was to take the
girls to the happiest place on earth: disneyland

you see, we were suppose to take zoe for her
6th birthday, but the hubs was recently
granted a great opportunity for a career change

he will be in school/training for the next 10 months
5 days a week with no holiday time available to him
so taking zoe to disneyland for her birthday in the summer was impossible

but i thought why wait?
let's do this! and so we did.

as you can see my girls were beside themselves with excitement
dancing in the streets of disneyland

when we asked them what they wanted to do they said:
see the castle where all the princesses live
meet the princesses
meet minnie mouse

they saw the magical castle

got a chance to ride the tea cups

they were able to meet princess ariel

princess tiana

and belle
they were in absolute awe of all of them... it was super cute
i don't think they could believe that they were there
right in front of them!

the longest line up we waited in was to see minnie mouse
(over an hour!)
but it was worth it!

near the end of the day, they were getting the hang of it
and telling us what they wanted to do next!

to be honest, i was a little unsure about taking my girls
on such a long road trip
but because it was so last minute, we didn't have the funds to all fly down
but the girls did awesome on the drive
and all my worrying was for nothing

you don't have to be a huge disney fan
or have watched all or even just a few of the disney movies
you don't even need to know all the characters or princesses

the moment you walk through those gates
you are transported to the most magical place on earth
it truly is the happiest place on earth
and i'm so glad that my girls were able to experience it


Marie said...

What a beautiful post!:D

I'm glad to know that your whole family had a great time.:D Thanks for sharing these pictures.:D

***** Marie *****

Eleni said...

I've only been to Disneyland once - I was 23 and I went with my (now ex) boyfriend and his family! I had the most AMAZING time, although I didn't get to meet Minnie :( I did get to high-five Buzz Lightyear though :D At first, my fella's 25-year old brother and 21-year old sister weren't really up for it, they were trying to be cool and sit drinking coffee all day, but I think my hyperactive enthusiasm was contagious. I would love to go again, it really was magical!

Koru Kate said...

Disneyland never loses its magic no matter how old you are! I still love it to this day. Although I really treasure the memories of going with my family when I was younger. Your girls will cherish these memories too!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww your girls must have been in to be around all those princesses!! LOVE that castle pic!

cArLa said...

so cute! i love seeing their smiling faces. it's been a while since i've been to disneyland, i can't wait to take dom and solana one day. i have to show him these photos when i get home, he's going to be so excited!

junesanjuan said...

i love disneyland! so many new things to do there i heard! **sigh** i want to go back too!

Paper-Charmed said...

I've yet to take my 1 1/2 yr old daughter to Disneyland...and I just live 25 minutes away...but it's definitely on my list of places to take her.
You have a lovely family. Glad you took them.

Tang said...

Awww super cute. I have yet to ever go to Disneyland!