Monday, April 11, 2011

road trip 2011: san francisco

we were only in san francisco for one day and one night
looking back, i wish we had stayed for at least another night
the hubs and i have been here before
 but i just love this city, and there is always
something to do, see or eat!

we made sure to visit the golden gate bridge

the girls kept asking me why the bridge wasn't gold
(to which, i didn't know the answer!)

we had lunch at a really cool burger joint named Flippers, hubs practically
died over the burger, it was that good.

while roaming Hayes street, we happened upon Paulette
it was absolute macaron heaven!

and i practically died over the pistachio, it was that good!

we were so sad to leave after such a short visit, but it just gives us 
another reason to come back again soon!

thanks alely for your foodie suggestion, we ate there our first night
it was just perfect and only a few blocks from our hotel!


Alely said...

oh, how i miss san much fun stuff to do and amazing places to eat! next time you go you'll have to do the 49 mile scenic drive. funny, lived there for more than half of my life and i've never done the drive. my parents just discovered it last year when they had visitors. we'll be doing it this summer when we're home for a month! yay!

glad you had a great time for that one day visiting the city by the bay!

btw...did you take those pics with your phone camera? they turned out so cute!

Elisse said...

San Francisco is a fantastic city - I hope you'll get to go back there and stay longer :)

Bonnie said...

Amazing road trip idea.
I wish I went places.
But I don't.
Because I suck.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the foodie ideas, can't wait to try them on our next trip!


cArLa said...

your girls are so cute! and those macarons look so delish, gotta go visit your food stops when we bring the kids one day...

kim rakes said...

awe, thank you for visiting my blog and for all your sweet comments! <3 your pictures make me smile, but most of all i love that your blog is called "lola's girl". i am half filipina and we just spent the weekend up in DC visiting my mom. it was so cute to see my little white girls... haha... say lola! it was more like "woah-wa" but still so cute. not to rush anything, haha, but i can't wait til my grandbabies call me lola ;)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You may not have been there long, but it looks like you got in some key things there. Especially the macarons. Next time, you need to hit Miette too.