Sunday, April 10, 2011

there's no place like home

2,158 miles later
 and we are home sweet home (praise God!)

but of course we couldn't drive through oregon
without stopping to visit
with our favorite oregonians!

and since we were already there... 
of course we had to pass by our favorite 

i got my favorite, red velvet (it's the best red velvet ever!)

and the hubs and brother in law did a midnight run to
voodoo doughnuts for some maple and bacon goodies!

 and we couldn't leave without hitting up our
favorite breakfast joint, slappycakes!

i can never get enough of that place!

it's so nice to be on vacation
but it's even nicer to be back home
(being on vacation makes you appreciate your home even more
doesn't it?)
my week will be filled with doing laundry and unpacking
but make sure to come back through out the week
for a round up of highlights from our road trip
(too many things to jam pack into one weekly post!)

have a swell sunday friends!


Noemi said...

I love the pictures! Ben and Sophia miss Zoe and PIa so badly. We'll be up soon to visit :)

junesanjuan said...

glad to see you guys had a great vacay!!!

Elisse said...

I've loved following your posts about your trip! Welcome home! I'm looking forward to us catching up and having high-tea soon! Call it my soon-to-be-birthday wish!

cArLa said...

awww, sophie and ben are so grown... must've been fun to see them! welcome back!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i just got back from vacation and i am dreading going into work tomorrow. it's always hard the first few days back! mmm all the food looks delish!

kim rakes said...

it's 12:12 at night and i am craving breakfast now! the sooner i get to bed the faster i can wake up i guess ;)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Welcome back home, Jozen! I honestly can't wait to make it up to Portland on my road trip this summer so I can try a doughnut from Voodoo.

hayley j said...

i loveeee portland, and red velvet cupcakes from saint cupcake...YUM! my fave. hopefully i'll be living there next december...can't wait for voodoo all the time! love all the roadtrip pics :)