Wednesday, April 13, 2011

road trip 2011: santa monica & venice beach

once again, i proved to myself (and the hubs, though he was not surprised)
how truly nerdy i am
i brought a little (ok, maybe not so little) "to do" list on my vacation
#2 on my list:

i have only seen it in photos or in movies
it looks like such a neat place, that i had to make sure
i could cross it off my "to do" list

 we had so much fun walking around the pier taking
in the sights and sounds
not to mention that the view was breath taking!

 we really wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but the girls
weren't tall enough to go on...
so i guess we will have to save that for next time!

after walking around the pier, we headed to third street promenade for a little shopping
 (thanks ruby for the suggestion!)

we spent most of the day just enjoying the beautiful view
but later on in the afternoon we left santa monica to drive to venice beach

 venice beach was definitely interesting
full of interesting characters
and full of interesting clinics selling legal "medicine"
(let's just say it's not legal where i come from!)

we walked and walked around until finally
my little pia was so tired she wouldn't even smile for me anymore
that's when we knew it was time to go back to our hotel...

until next time santa monica!
we might just drive by you next time venice beach!


Anonymous said...

how lovely, your little family! miss Santa Monica! xoxo

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

your fam is soooo precious!! love these pictures :)

Becky said...

my girls do love going to that pier. They always ask "why doesn't our pier have a ferris wheel and games on it?"

The girls look so cute!

Alely said...

santa monica, promenade and venice beach are places we need to hit when we're there in june.